TJP online!

Very happy to have the Journal Project site up and online. Got a few other key things to get online then start uploading my videos.  YouTube has a wonderful journaling community and I am excited to get in there and learn, grow, and experience.

My niece told me, when I was at a loss for what I could contribute to the world YouTube community, if your going to do YouTube videos you need to make them about something. At the time I was trying to vlog and she reminded me “Who are you” to the average person. Why would someone want to just want you driving to work talking? Granted she had a point but hey people like to watch people eat so … lol.  I don’t do much, I play hearthstone every once in a while. I had the idea of becoming the best “Black” hearthstone player out there. I could make a name for myself off that alone. Then I realized i’m not that good and trying to become that good makes me want to smash my phone so that was not a option.  There is nothing I’ve done more in my life consistently then journal. That is the thing I have done and continue to do. So why not share it with the world.

With the journaling project I am giving myself between now and January 1st to publish twenty videos to YouTube. Twelve or more topic videos and eight or more  journal readings.

Can I do it? Yes, I can!