What happend to The journal project?

So I am very lazy and I’ve been playing a lot of video games these days. I uninstalled hearthstone and accepted my fate as the worst RNG player in history. So i’m back at my journal project though this time I’m only doing an entry or two a week to type up. This will help keep me consistent without feeling like it’s a chore.

Recently I typed up 5/23/1998, pretty simple day. I was sick. I called my ex boyfriend and told him … “I’m still in love with you.” Ew can we just go back in time and NOT. I was dating a girl for whatever that was worth giving I wanted to be with my ex. I wrote about my cousin AJ putting hot sauce on his Popcorn and the funniest part of that post I wrote “Writing makes me feel young again.” Keep in mind I was like fourteen. I WAS YOUNG! lol.

Trying that journal entry up kinda got me to come and resurrect this site and I will try to do a Youtube video. Ya see I’m not Super young but I’m not super old. This is my thing, I want to do it just gotta stay focused. So here’s to another go at TJP.