Do I journal Politics?

“Do I think Clinton did it… No, never. He is my president. It will always be that way. ” [ 14 yo Donte in journal Titanic on February 4th 1998 ]

Looking back on Feb 4th 1998’s quote I can see a few things. 1 : I got my politics from my mom. 2: I was far off from being a critical thinker of any kind. I think my youthful loyalty to the Clinton’s is why I find myself somewhat agitated when I have to think of Hilary Clinton as being  corrupt and not good for the country.  I grew up with no ill will toward the Clintons and didn’t follow politics or think enough to know better.  One could say I was doing what I should have been doing at that time, being a careless kid.

That is the only gimps I have from that time to how I viewed the world in regards to politics. I wish I had droned on a bit more about why I did not think he did it or why he was “my president.” I would like to have seen some thoughts on why I thought he couldn’t have possibly done it. As it stands He said he did not do it and that was good enough for me.

I don’t write about my political views in my journals. I mean I am now because I want to be able to look back on this period of Hilary vs Trump and See what I thought in detail. This is a interesting time for our country and in five to ten years I wanna look back and be like, “That was a good point,” or “How in the hell could I think such trash at that age!” lol. I tend to write more about things that effect me directly or how I feel about guys. I can’t wait to get to my journals for college around 2002 to see how I began to, “stay woke”.