What is a Capture Graph?

So I want to do YouTube videos again about journaling. I’m rather lazy and find it easier to lay down and watch a youtube video.  I got a comment a while back from someone who liked one my videos. It feels good to know People like what I do and I’m not just talking to myself albeit on video. lol

So for my recording software on the Windows side I use Corel Video Studio X9. Really nice and easy to use software. I used to use TrakaxPC but they went out of business. Corel is nice and all but it has a issue. I keep getting a error “Cannot start Capture Graph” It’s the most annoying thing and I have not been able to fix it yet.  None of the forums I’ve found online talk about it appearing on anything beyond X4.  Corel has a support number but I’m techy and also I work in customer support. Most of the reps would probably just make me angry so I’m going to shoot with the default windows 10 software and upload to icloud and edit in iMovie.

All that to say I should have a new Video up soon and more consistently.