Typing Session

“On the way we seen Jacob! I know he is straight but he is cute. So we rode past him & were on our way to Curtis’s. ” – Donte, Dominus, May 14th 2000

So tonight I am going to buckle down and complete the typing of my journal Dominus. It should not take long as the journal is rather small. I can probably type up each page in a few minutes completing the whole journal in a few hours.

My goal is to complete Dominus and also my journal Schizo if I don’t fall asleep at the keyboard.┬áThere two journals cover parts of my life from 2000 through 2001. A lot of growing and learning took place during those years. Lessons learned, lessons forgotten, memories made and memories forgotten. I believe looking back on this bold young man I was during that time might help me to put things in perspective for my life now. I can’t see how but I feel this will be a good trip down memory lane.