Another one down (almost)

So I am basically done typing Dominus my journal from 2000 to first half 2001. Only 9 entries left. This journal while brief gives me a really interesting glimpse into the part of my life where I was becoming an adult. As I close it out I can see I didn’t know anything I was just dumb and young.

After typing this journal up I will be moving into typing up Schizophrenia. This journal will be a really interesting time period to type up. I wrote a lot. I can’t wait to see what little memories it contains. I’ve glanced through it and found some references to one of the pastors from when I went to church back then. From what I’ve glanced at I don’t remember the moments I wrote about. Also I had big crush on a guy, I know pretty normal for this period of mylife. I can’t wait to see what i’ve learned from this period of my life and how it’s molded me into who I am now.

I’ll be shooting anew video soon and uploading it. Got some ideas for things I want to write Vid about.

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