Typing session: June 8th to 14th 2001





Tonight I typed up five entries from my 2001 journal.  June 8th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 14th.

I’ve enjoyed the little memories of the previous journals but this journal is really capturing some good memories. I’m so glad to be able to look back on these memories as at the time I had no idea how life was about to kick it up some gears!

On the 8th I am trying to be deep in thought when I write, “We are only what we make ourselves and I am trying to make since of where there is none,  and none needed.” And at this point in my life I hadn’t even started drinking yet. Can we say foreshadow? lol

The tenth is a entry cut short and as I was typing it I was wondering what happened. I would soon find out as I was typing up the 11th.  “Well the reason I never finished writing was because Megan, Curtis, Emily & her mom came to get me.” I went on to talk about how we went to Ceres, CA to a double feature movie at a drive inn. Apparently it was one good night as I wrote about being invited to a party and telling the guy how I was not from around there.

One of the best parts about this journal project of typing up my journals from the past is the little nuggets you come across. Moments forgotten to time. On the 12th I wrote about how I hung out with a friend RJ and his brother.  “RJ yelled at him to stop! Overall we had fun.” These little memories are special to me cause time presses on and people grow apart.  Sometimes you remember a person and bits and pieces of memories come to mind.  With a journal you get your thoughts as they were then. There is no confusion you have the memory in ink.

Wrapping up my session I wrote about the 14th and the drama at Farmes Market and before. Farmers market was what me and many of my friends lived for EVERY THURSDAY! Everyone got dressed up and went downtown and hung out. A huge group of teenagers  having the best time.  This was a period in my life where I was growing up. So naturally there would be conflict with me and any parental figure at this time as me and many of my friends did. “I called my sister and was like when are you coming home.” She was like, “Soon.”

I am so excited to type more and I will make sure to share some snippets here.

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