Subtle crush 2002

So I’ve been typing up 2002 and this Brandon G. guy pops up multiple times. So I found out who he was. I can see looking at his yearbook photos (and facebook photos) why I crushed on him.

I didn’t hang out with him even half as much as the RJ guy I wrote about but this guy, while only a few moments are recorded, was a sweetheart. Apparently he was the one person who made me feel apart of leadership in high school above everyone else.

So I thought why not thank him for being beyond nice and cool with me in high-school. I hit message and O M G I had messaged him on Friday! It was a hawt mess of a message. I could not retract it either. So he will read it one day and be like, OMFG this guys is crazy. I can’t stop it. It has to happen this way.

Now the message was not super bad it was like “thank you for being nice in high school…” Bla bla bla. From his photos it looks like he has just as much drunk fun as me though it also appears he doesn’t Facebook often if ever. He has two fb and hasn’t logged into the most recent one it appears since 2016 which in gay years is like a decade ago. lol.

So tomorrow after work I will have to type up more. There is still a little bit left of my senior year of high school to type up.

I still have yet to write up being kicked out and force to go live back with my sister, starting college, my second job, and the first time I met one man who would go on to change my life before I knew what I had gotten myself into.

Youtube video coming up soon