The idea

So I’ve spend the last couple of days tweaking and working on my new domainĀ The goal of it was to be a unifying hub for my online social media accounts. Now that I’ve got it somewhat up and ready to go I don’t know if I want it anymore.

I was planing to start doing gaming videos on YouTube and I wanted to make sure all my post no matter where went back on one location that linked to all others. However I don’t know If is what I had in mind. Perhaps it is but not int he form that i’ve created it in.

This is part of the fun of being creative and what I’m working hard to get back into in 2018. I just thought I would post a little update as I have to shoot a video and upload it tonight. I completed one a week ago but I never uploaded it. It’s literally done and on this computer all I have to do is upload it. I don’t know something about it I don’t like I guess. Maybe it’s too long. I will watch it again and may just upload it.

In any event that’s where I am for now. I found a post I drafted a few weeks ago here on the blog. I was experiencing Four hundred and twenty different emotions so I didn’t upload it. I’m glad for that cause girl it was a hawt mess. lol.