Really? In the heart?

New video is up. I am in full shoot and edit mode. I have a lot of time on my hands since I cut way back on playing hearthstone and watching endless shows on Netflix, YouTube and HBO.

I’ve already started on the next installment of Typing sessions. It was so fun to create. I’m not gonna lie this first one is a little rough but it’s beauty lies in me trying something new. Getting up and and doing something. I am so excited to do the next one.

I know I want to update twice a week so I guess Mondays and Thursdays would be best.  That will keep a nice work flow of editing and publishing.

These videos are basically the typing sessions I did here on my blog but now in video format which opens a whole new world of possibility. Lets be honest I won’t get to crazy with them as video editing takes a lot of work but this does  open my content up to a new audience and me to new possibilities.

I’m still scared for how this will all work but i’ma take it one upload at a time and have fun. I am so excited for all the fun videos to come.

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