5 entries a day trial

So I’m back in my ebb & flow of creativity.

My goal, for now, is to type 5 entries a day. That doesn’t sound like a lot until you hit a series of two and three page entries in a row.

Tonight I typed up June 11, 13,14,17 and 18 of year 2002.  So much I don’t even remember. I went to the movies with a guy and he wanted to hold my hand. I don’t remember this at all.  Also he tried to touch the goodies. What!? How could I not remember this happening. This is what I love about journaling. (11th of June 2002)

I wrote about this guy John D.(June 13th 2002) Who I vaguely remember being cool. That was the whole entry. WTF. Why was he cool, what did he do to make me think he was cool. I must admit I ran a search for him on FB and he has a pf but it’s ghosted. Maybe he was so cool he got a insta instead …. lol

Moving onto June 14th 2002… now this day was really interesting. I hung out with a old “frienemy.” I call him a freinemy cause before that on March 10th 2002 it was going to go down. I was going to beat his ass……

I’ll leave that alone cause I have a video project i’m working where I’ll flush that out subtly.

June 17th 2002 – A guy who dissed me from a year prior tried to show back up in my life. I was not feeling it as I left him alone. How you gone lie and tell me you’re str8 one minute then be texting me later. Girl bye.


Last entry from June 18 2002 I wrote about how I went to church group and found  God had a since of humor that was “Tot different” then humans. Maybe I should Have just read the Bible a little more to better under it. Maybe i’d have gotten to where I am in regards to religion now a little sooner.


In closing I gotta keep this up.  Lets see how many of these  I can do.


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