Changing blog focus

So I’ve decided to change the focus of this blog from my forever journal project to a catch all for all my projects, thoughts and ideas. Why you ask? Of course I’m going to tell you.

As I sat in the airport on the way from SFO to SMF glancing around at all the beautiful men moving at various speeds I tweeted about guys bulges. I have tweeted about it before but in part I feel that’s not something you’re supposed to tweet or talk about. I’d never post anything like that over on facebook. So why the odd shame when most of society is moving toward sex positivity? Why am I okay talking about packages on twitter but wouldn’t on facebook. This got me thinking I need to blog about this and other million and one odd little thoughts in my head. A way to flush them out and get them into the world and possibly get some feedback. I’ve been pushing myself to be better at changing my mind when presented with evidence that makes enough since so this could help with that. I though I’ll create a new blog, maybe call it ill thoughts of Donte or something else cheesy I came up with. Then remembered I have like three other blogs. All of them are focused on a single subject and never get updated cause like Jamie’s mom from Beautiful Thing, I get over things fast.

So I can craft my thoughts whatever they may be and put them here. Organizing using key words and such to help the five or so people who will see this around the world navigate. I won’t change the domain as I’ll just use as the catch all since easy to remember and type. Now to get typing and flush out some ideas.