Writing again

So the past week has been interesting for me. I started the whole make your bed every morning thing. I’ve done this now for a week or so and I’m still skeptical. Will I change? Will I be better. I think there is a little evidence to suggest maybe this whole make your bed every morning thing can work. I have noticed I’m keeping my room cleaner. I’m also trying to write more. I’m skeptical we gotta give it more time. I do have a few writings to post of a story i’ve started writing in my notebook. I started my notebook to record mundane and trivial thought while focusing on trying to dig deeper into my self in my actual journal entries. Yes a video is planned for this. While I feel the whole story is trash I’m going to steal post each part here. I think I will write out to part 30 and end it there. This will force me to flush it out and end it. I can learn a lot from this I think. I don’t know if I’ll keep this up but I’m going to try. Also i’ve been going to the gym. My goal is to be consistent. No work out super hard, or write the best just to keep doing the things. Make the bed, write a small part of the crappy story, and at minimum just walk on the damn treadmill. Maybe it’s not the most but if I can be consistent there is options to improve. Here is to tomorrow.

This week went by to damn fast.

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