TJP20_C001 P2

So I’m behind schedule. Yes but I have the second part updated.

PER YOUTUBE: ” Your video will be set to public on April 8, 2020 at 8:00 AM after the standard definition (SD) finishes processing “

I am excited, tomorrow I gotta push myself to type and shoot the next video. No editing just type and shoot.

Sometimes I ask myself why do you keep trying to do this. Truth is I don’t know. It’s like there is a part of me trying hard as it can to not just die. I’m a human, I’m alive and I’m a creative. Put it out there and let others experience your existence.

Video one goes live April 1st 2020 here

Video two goes live April 8th 2020 here

In the words of Casey, (Brave Bull) Finish Your drinks!